Having a Taco Party? Don't Forget These 4 Details While Party Planning!

taco party


From weddings to graduations and birthday parties, aren't you tired of party planners providing the same bland event catering menu? While subs, meat and cheese trays, and honeydew-heavy fruit salads are all delicious in their own right (except for the honeydew), sometimes you just want to stand out, right?

If you're planning an event, then do your guests a favor and skip the bland catering mainstays. And the best way you can do this is by turning the dinner line into a taco party.

Tacos are the best party food -- they are versatile, hand-held, and not to mention delicious. Plus, considering that Americans consume over 4 billion tacos each year, it is safe to say that our culture loves this Mexican food classic.

If you're looking to host a taco party, there are a few different things you must remember to create the best experience possible. Follow this simple guide on how to plan the best taco gathering possible. Your guests, and their tastebuds, will thank you.


The meat

Great tacos are all about the filling, and one of the best things about them is that they can be filled with whatever protein you want. We don't know why the rest of the country thinks tacos are best served with barely seasoned ground beef, but here in Los Angeles we know better. The best taco bars are filled with delicious meats like carne asada, grilled chicken, carnitas, shrimp, and maybe even chorizo or tofu. Let your guests mix and match depending on what they're in the mood for.


The toppings

If you think no taco is complete without cheese, then you may be a taco beginner. While there's never anything wrong with a liberal amount of cheese, there are a few more things to include at your get together to really make your meal complete. We love to put different types of cheeses, tomatoes, beans, green onions, peppers, and salsa on our tacos. For a more authentic experience, offer sliced radishes and pickled jalapenos and carrots.


The drinks

Only the most delicious of drinks will complement your yummy tacos, so it is good to have a variety of different options on hand. If appropriate, you can't go wrong with the classic margarita or sangria, but also consider a non-alcoholic alternative such as horchata, which is a creamy rice drink perfect to balance the spiciness of the main course. 


The dessert

Finish out a perfect taco party by having some scrumptious desserts. We're thinking churros, fried ice cream, or even the classic ice cream sundae bar to satisfy your sweet tooth after all that rich food.

As long as you have these four basics covered, your taco party menu will go off without a hitch. Simply get your tastebuds ready to feast!

Of course, if you're planning a large party, why not skip the hard work and simply hire a taco catering company instead? Either way, this is sure to be a hit with your guests.