The 4 Tastiest Taco and Drink Pairings That Will Make Your Taste Buds Sing

taco pairings


Planning a wedding involves hundreds of details, from figuring out the date, the venue, and the bridal party, to ensuring the reception is a blast for everyone attending. It is no secret that one of the most important details of the reception is the food that is served. Considering that 56% of brides are most interested in providing excellent and delicious food at their wedding, many engaged couples are focusing on making their receptions full of unique and yummy foods.

Tacos can do all of that -- provide your guests with a tasty meal that will impress. But no taco party is complete without drink pairings to go with them. Here are some of our favorite drink and taco pairings that will make your event a delicious Mexican food feast for all.

Horchata and Carnitas
Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink that is made from sesame seeds, ground almonds, rice, barley, and melon seeds. It's served primarily cold with ice, and its thick, creamy consistency is perfect to tone down the spices found in carnitas tacos. Carnitas, which is tender pork served with hot spices, needs something to balance out their complex flavors and horchata is a perfect choice.

Light beer with Asada
Beer and steak has forever been a classic combo, and for taco pairings, it is a match made in heaven. The Asada is a rich and tender meat that is balanced with a refreshing, cold beer. Just make sure the beer is light and unfiltered and not a stout or a lager as this combination can be too heavy. 

Margaritas and chicken
You can't go wrong when pairing a classic chicken taco with an equally as classic margarita. Whether you choose frozen with a sugar rim or traditional with a salt rim, there is no way to mess up this combination. We recommend keeping the original lime flavor as your only option as a way to keep things simple.

Tamarind and Chorizo
Chorizo is a unique flavor experience for a taco, and it only makes sense to have an interesting drink to pair with it. Tamarind is a legume that when liquefied and sweetened with simple syrup makes for a refreshing and light drink that lets the chorizo take center stage.

So all you need now is to set up a taco bar with the corresponding drinks and your event will go down in history as one your taste buds always will remember.